Since 1995, Japanese marketing and research company ING Co., Ltd. has been conducting the "Shibuya Trend Research" survey to understand and promulgate information on the preferences of a demographic known to be at the forefront of emerging trends: high school students.

For the latest October survey, 200 high school students (100 boys and 100 girls) aged 15 to 18 were surveyed online between September 17th to 23rd.

The survey asks high school students about their preferences across several categories such as their favorite influencer, their favorite TikToker, their favorite songs, artists, actors, even their favorite photo booth poses, as well as questions on popular hobbies, food, and other trends.

We could look at each category, but that would make for quite a lengthy article, so let's focus on one category in which the content is free and easy to check no matter where you live: popular YouTuber channels.

Popular YouTube Channels among high school students: Fall 2021

Here are the top YouTube channels according to the survey. You can check out each channel by clicking on the links for each one.

The first-place winner was the popular YouTube Channel "ComDot" with over 2.45 million subscribers!

As an indication of the YouTuber group's popularity, the first edition of 52,000 copies of 『聖域』 sei'iki ("Sanctuary"), group leader Yamato's first essay, sold out immediately, and when it was reprinted in an "emergency edition," it sold 110,000 copies within five days of its release.

In second place was the popular YouTuber "Skypeace" with over 3.81 million registered users.

The third place went to the YouTube channel of "Heisei Flamingo," a female comic duo who also took first place in the "Favorite Comedian/Talent" category.

You may also recognize a few names such as VAMYUN, who we featured before in grape Japan, and from Japan's famous boy band agency Johnny's Entertainment, the Johnny's Jr. Channel.

If you'd like to check out the other categories, visit ING's website here (Japanese only)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.