Today, on October 18th, 2021, famous Japanese sports equipment company Mizuno released their new Triporous™: Mizuno Mouth Cover which combines their sports fabric with Triporous™, a sustainable high-performance filtering material developed by Sony Group Inc. that reuses surplus biomass (rice husks). The stylish and sustainable new mouth cover is available at the Mizuno Official Online Shop and select Mizuno stores nationwide.

The Triporous™: Mizuno Mouth Cover is part of Miuzuno's third product lineup in their "[EM] SELECTION" project. "EM" which simultaneously stands for "Experience the Extreme" and "Experimental Mizuno," was launched last year with the hope that people would experience technology cultivated through sports and adapted to modern lifestyles.

Focusing on the theme of sustainability, Mizuno collaborated with Sony on this new mouth cover using Triporous™ Fiber, an application of Triporous™ in the field of textiles. The innovative new fiber is not only sustainable, as explained above, but it also has a deodorizing effect on the three major components of sweat odor.

Mizuno used Triporous™ Fiber for the front layer of the mouth cover, while the back layer is made of Mizuno's highly elastic 2-way stretch tricot material which is used for swimsuits and track and field wear. This is the same material that Mizuno used in their first mouth cover which they released in May last year. Fusing the know-how, materials, and designs of both companies, the Triporous™ Mizuno Mouth Cove is an appealing, high-performing mouth cover that is comfortable to wear for a long time.

A limited number of 1,000 Triporous™ Mizuno Mouth Covers will be sold. They are available in small, medium, and large sizes and will be available for 1,760 JPY.

You can buy them at Mizuno sportswear shops and other retailers where Mizuno products are sold, or online at the Mizuno Online Shop here.

Note: Due to high demand, the initial lot has sold out online but it will probably be restocked.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.