Senna, a golden retriever living the good life in Japan, has had a favorite toy since he was just a puppy.

Reproduced with permission from セナゴールデンレトリバー(@mofusenna)

It’s a stuffed animal shaped like a flying squirrel. Senna has always had this stuffed animal by his side.

Reproduced with permission from セナゴールデンレトリバー(@mofusenna)

However, if you keep playing with your toys, one day they’ll break.

Senna’s favorite stuffed animal was ripped, so his owner decided to sew it back together and wash it.

Let’s see how Senna felt while his owner sewed the stuffed animal back together in the kitchen.

Senna’s owner forbids him from entering the kitchen and he’s never broken that promise since he was a puppy.

However, he did finally break that promise to keep an eye on his favorite toy while being prepared.

Senna even watched over his toy while it dried outside on the balcony.

Reproduced with permission from セナゴールデンレトリバー(@mofusenna)

"His favorite toy since he was just a puppy. It was ripped, so I sewed it up and washed it. Senna looked worried."


For Senna, his stuffed animal is more like a friend. They’ve been together most of his life!

Luckily, the little squirrel has been washed and is almost like brand-new. So it can continue to keep Senna company and be featured in future photo albums too!

By - Mujo.