Have you ever been jolted awake when someone shook you while you were sleeping?

This is a common phenomenon, not just for us humans, but for animals too.

Chi Mu Totoro

Today’s story is about Twitter user (@muchi21067312), loving owner of two Corgis, Chi and Mu, as well as Totoro the cat.

Do the names ring a bell? Well they should, because we’ve featured this happy family before.

Just like the previous story, today’s episode also involves the dogs’ sleep habits.

One day, the two Corgis were happily napping belly-up.

Their owner, attentive as ever, was recording the scene and captured Totoro bite one of the Corgi’s feet.

You’d expect him to wake up, but instead this happened.

"No, not that one!"

Somehow, the bitten Corgi remained fast asleep, and instead the other dog woke up!

Now, this is just my personal theory, but as these animals seem to spend a lot of time together, I wonder if perhaps the dogs have developed a deep connection. So when one is hurt, the other one senses it. Stranger things have happened right?

User Reactions

The three animals’ behavior drew a lot of attention on Twitter. The clip has been viewed over 2.9 million times!

  • I couldn’t stop laughing.
  • It’s like watching a strange magic trick… I wonder what kind of system this is?
  • I watched this for like 3 minutes straight.
  • Did you receive the pain…? Your timing is too perfect!
  • There seems to be a neural link. I felt a creeping sensation.

By - Mujo.