If DIECE SHIBUYA, a hair salon located in the Shibuya neighborhood of Tokyo, seems busy, a lot of it probably has to do with men's hair stylist Shou Otsuki (@DIECE_SHOU). Otsuki has garnered quite a bit of internet fame for before-and-after video transformations he posts of satisfied customers, often with a positive message about how a simple haircut and visual change can instill confidence people who don't feel quite so great about their looks.

In particular, he and his salon are known for wowing people by giving no-frills mild-mannered salarymen stylish makeovers that often leave them beaming or looking like a brand new person by the end of the video. Here's a couple of examples:

Otsuki has once again created a buzz on Twitter, this time with his impressive styling of a man who had been recommended he get a haircut by some of his female coworkers. He shared the following video saying, "Apparently this guy got recommended by the women at his company to get a haircut, and was surprised by my envy for that kind of situation, so I used my jealousy as motivation and did my best to fix him up. I smoothed out his hair and finished him up with a sporty look. Next time come in before a girl tells you to, though. I await your next visit!"

Comments on the video come from those in disbelief it's the same person, and that such a change is possible with such a makeover (although taking off the glasses seems to make a big difference!):

"A totally different person! How wonderful."

"That transformation is too incredible, I'm touched."

"It's really awesome every time. You have a job that puts smiles on people's faces."

"This time I'm very impressed! He must be a really nice guy at work to have the girls recommend him."

"Whoa, in the "after" it looks like even his face line changes!"

Looks certainly aren't everything, but if you're in Tokyo and looking to make a big change in style, it might be worth it to make an appointment at DIECE SHIBUYA.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.