Prodigiously talented pencil artist Kohei Ohmori (大森浩平 kōhei ōmori) is a master at creating photo-realistic illustrations. He's particularly fond of drawing shiny, metallic surfaces.

Some of our readers may recall his impressive Asahi Super Dry beer can drawing we introduced two years ago.

Now, in his latest work, it would seem that Ohmori has polished his skills even further with this mind-blowing drawing of a shiny water faucet which has gone viral on Twitter, garnering over 240,160 likes and 31,600 retweets at the time of writing.

Image reproduced with permission from Kohei Ohmura (@kohei6620)

"I drew a faucet in pencil! I really do like shiny metal."

The luster of the metal and the shadows are reproduced in astonishing detail, and if you look very carefully at the surface near the spout, you'll notice someone's reflection holding a smartphone. It could simply be that Ohmura faithfully reproduced that feature from the image of a real faucet that he captured on his phone, but whatever the reason may be, the detail adds to the illusion that we're looking at a photo and not a drawing.

The photo is so detailed and well-drawn that it's only when you zoom in very close that you'll finally realize it was created in pencil.

Undertandably, Ohmura's drawing amazed and surprised many people on Twitter, eliciting comments such as:

  • "No... This is a photograph."
  • "This is a pencil drawing? That's amazing!
  • "If you twist it, water will come out!"

According to Ohmori, it took him about 60 hours to create the work over the course of a month.

"The most difficult part was carefully reproducing my entire room as seen in the reflection," he admitted.

For those who are curious to learn how he did it, he uploaded a video on YouTube, so please check it out!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.