For the past year (and a bit), most of us have been spending a lot more time inside, and many have turned to at-home workouts to stay in shape. At-home workouts boast a whole load of advantages compared to going to the gym, but one viral Japanese TikTok has shown everyone that there's a particularly cute benefit to exercising at home. If you’re a pet-owner that is.

In the viral clip, TikTok user @muccu888 shows off the most adorable workout buddy we’ve ever seen. It’s a sleepy-looking Shiba inu called Muccu.

While the owner does his impressive push up routine, Muccu stays perfectly balanced on his back. Not only does this add some extra weight for a more effective workout routine, but Muccu’s presence must also be encouraging the owner to carry on, even when it gets tough.

Although this video has inspired all of us to get back into exercising, we have to say we’re incredibly jealous of this guy’s workout buddy and wish we could get our own Muccu to accompany us on our fitness journeys.

If you want to see more adorable clips of Muccu, check out the owner’s TikTok page which is full of cute videos.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.