There’s a famous pun in Japan that goes:


"Futon ga futtonda" means "a blanket was blown away."

There are many such puns like this in Japanese with homophones that induce a comical image.

One day, a Japanese Twitter user going by Yagyousan (@YagyouNEKO) had such a pun-like experience.

In his case, a floor cushion, called a zabuton, was blown away by the wind.

He says he rushed outside to retrieve it, but was too late.

Reproduced with permission from 夜行さん (@YagyouNEKO)

A cat had already lay claim to his cushion!

Another pun in Japanese goes "neko ga nekoronda" or "the cat lay down." Just like poetry or lyrics, it doesn’t translate well to English, but you get the idea.

This one image has gotten a lot of attention on Twitter, with over 177,000 likes.

It looks like the cat and his friends are enjoying all of the attention!

By - Mujo.