Cats come in all shapes and sizes, and whether they like it or not, even the most understanding kitty lover can't resist scooping their feline friend up for a cuddle.

That appear to be a lot easier said than done for the parents of Japanese Twitter user Kokonya (@kokonananya), who recently visited them at home, along with their household cat Hana-chan.

She shared a photo on Twitter that has delighted big cat lovers with the caption "since when could cats be so rectangular?!"

Source: @kokonananya

As you can see, Hana-chan is a very big girl! She's larger than most cats, but when held and stretched out in pretty much the only way she can be, she really does look like a rectangular feline.

Source: @kokonananya

While large cats have a certain charm to them, the question of health is always prioritized. Thankfully, Kokonya added a follow-up post saying that after comparing her thin father with the cat's thickness, Hana-chan is now following a strict diet.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.