Cats can be a great source of inspiring photography, sometimes impressing sports photographers with their athleticism and looking feline deities taking refuge from the rain at a special shrine for cats.

Other times, as Japanese Twitter user KakiP (@kakipchronicle) recently captured in a well-timed shot, they provide moments of adorable absurdity that we can only laugh at.

KakiP recently encountered two neighborhood cats bickering and on the cusp of a fight. When it came to blows and they pounced on each other, KakiP captured a shot of them mid-fight that looks straight out of animation!

Source: @kakipchronicle

The perfectly timed shot almost makes it look like the entangled cats are lying on the ground, but they're actually mid-air displaying some prime feline athletics! While it seems no cats were injured in the making of this great shot, we somehow doubt the two made up afterwards.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.