While pudding can be used in English to refer to any type of dessert eaten after a main meal, in Japan, a pudding (or ‘purin’) means a specific type of sweet treat. It’s similar to a creme caramel, and consists of a custard dessert usually paired with caramel sauce. It’s so popular that there’s even pudding specialist stores such as ‘Pastel’.

Puddings are already considered quite a cute dessert, but the pudding experts at Pastel have made them even more adorable by teaming up with Sanrio. They’ve previously released some Pompompurin offerings for his anniversary, and now there’s a new limited-time-only lineup on the cards.

The two characters selected for this lineup are Sanrio’s most famous creation, Hello Kitty, and a mischievous character perfect for the Halloween season, Kuromi.

The shop’s flagship product, a smooth and creamy pudding topped with whipped cream has been decorated with cocoa powder to create the adorable faces of the two characters.

Each mini pudding costs 411 yen and they are perfect for creating a character cafe atmosphere at home, or just making your afternoon teatime a bit cuter.

These puddings are exclusive to the Ikebukuro (Tokyo) branch of Pastel and will be on sale until 3rd November 2021.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.