While the shelves of Japanese bakeries hold many a delicious and sweet pastry (the reigning popularity king of which is the maritozzo), the go-to for noodle lovers has to be yakisoba pan (yakisoba bread). Yakisoba pan stuffs yakisoba, Japanese stir-fried noodles, in a roll for a savory carb-filled delight.

Japanese Twitter user Hirokouji Kanpo (@hirokoujiKanpo) may have found the Holy Grail of yakisoba pan. He recently shared photos of a "Yakisoba Dog" he found at bakery, and it looks like bread that has been swallowed whole by the Cthulian tendrils of fried noodles!

Source: @hirokoujiKanpo

Source: @hirokoujiKanpo

The heavy duty noodle bread wowed even the biggest yakisoba pan fans on Twitter, with some comparing it to the tentacled Nago from Studio Ghibli's Princess Mononoke. Not surprising, as you can't even spot the bread roll under all the noodles!

As intimidating as it looks, this may just be the ultimate roll for yakisoba lovers.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.