Pomeranian dogs are known for being small, fluffy and unintimidating. But one online pet hit of the week has caught people’s attention for being the exact opposite of what they expected.

This Japanese Pomeranian is called Maruo-kun, and his looks caused a stir when his owner uploaded a short video to TikTok with the caption ‘isn’t he too muscular?’.

A quick look at the clip will reveal why. When standing still, Maruo-kun takes on a particularly intimidating stance with his legs far apart. He also looks a bit larger than expected of a Pomeranian, and has less fur meaning he doesn’t have the classic, very fluffy look usually seen on a Pomeranian. All these factors come together to make one extra cool, macho-looking Pom.

But if you were in any doubt that he is actually a Pomeranian, a quick look at his face reveals all the telltale features of the breed.

Commenters left statements like ‘he’s definitely strong’ and compared him to a little bear. While he looks a bit tougher than a typical Pomeranian, he’s still super sweet!

If you like to see cute and strong-looking dogs, there’s more adorable clips to be found on Maruo-kun’s owner’s TikTok profile.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.