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Cats enjoy Japanese Zen gardens too

There is a style of Japanese Zen garden often seen in temples known as karesansui, which uses pebbles and rocks to represent waves and mountains instead of water.

Sarah Holland-Batt (@the_shb) lives in Brisbane. She innovated upon the traditional Japanese rock garden to enjoy together with her cat.

The photo she shared on Twitter has become quite the hit, with over 161K likes since she posted it on October 1, 2021.

Here’s her own take on karesansui that caused such a stir.

People, the cat already had big diva energy to begin with. How will I cope with her ego now?

And a thousand apologies to all the other cats around the world whose owners now have Big Ideas about tiny rakes. Only zen-rake your cat if they love it, like Lola!

Happy gardening x

-Sarah Holland-Batt (@the_shb) October 1, 2021

A Japanese style rock garden on a cat’s back! It’s simply genius!

The clean flowing gray fur may represent the waves. And a small rake and pebbles were added to finish off the karesansui grounds.

Sarah says she got the idea when she found the tiny rake and began grooming her cat, Lola, with it.

Many Twitter users replied with their own Zen garden cats. Here are some big hits.

Not only has Sarah shared Japan’s wonderful culture with people across the world, but she’s even gotten the feline species involved.

It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but hopefully this story brought a smile to your face!

Thanks for reading as always!

By - Mujo.