For the majority of us living the expat life, Christmas time in Japan might be picture perfect with it’s beautiful illuminations and decorations, but it just doesn’t seem to hit the bar when it comes to recreating the nostalgic feelings of joy, warmth and merriment we’ve associated with the holiday for most of our lives.
However, whilst Japan may not be fully on board when it comes to the festive season and all it’s traditions, there are a number of things that it does right – or perhaps even better – that can help us feel a little bit of that Christmas spirit, even if it’s only for a short moment.

One Christmas staple that a lot of us can’t live without once the days start to grow colder is the hot, creamy-smooth goodness associated with a mug of eggnog.
With a recipe made up of simple ingredients that should be in every person's pantry, it’s easy to pass off making eggnog as an easy thing to do – but in reality, finding the perfect balance of whipped egg whites, sugar, cream and milk can be somewhat of a hair-pulling activity.

If you want to sip on a mug of warm eggnog this winter, but don’t quite fancy the challenge of whipping up your own stash of it yourself, don’t fret, as healthy-smoothie-focussed cafe FICO & POMUM are preparing a winter season-limited Hot Eggnog Smoothie.

Set to be released on the 1st of November, the thick textured drink will be filled with rich custard cream-like sweetness that can be enjoyed with every gulp.

Instead of refined sugar, the drink is sweetened by a helping of blended dates and organic agave nectar. Additionally, the drink is packed with plenty of nutrients known for boosting energy and beauty, which, if you couldn’t guess already, makes this one of the more healthier takes on a classic wintery eggnog beverage.
Below are some of the health and beauty benefits of FICO & POMUM’s winter-limited eggnog drink.

1 – Filled with plenty of egg biotin, which are crucial to developing beautiful skin
2 – Dates are rich in dietary fiber and minerals
3 – The antioxidant effects of cinnamon help to give skin a youthful glow
4 – Blended milk and eggs can supplement the necessary proteins needed for happy, healthy skin

FICO & POMUM Hot Eggnog Smoothie

Take out: 630 yen
Drink in: 693 yen
Sales Dates: Monday 1st November 2021 – Last business day of the year
Ingredients: Whole egg, milk, organic agave nectar, dry dates, cinnamon powder *does not contain alcohol

By - Connie Sceaphierde.