Japan’s food-tech venture company NEXT MEATS has come out with many alternative meat series such as NEXT yakiniku and gyudon beef bowls. Now they are giving seafood fans their first ever alternative with the release of “NEXT Tuna” on October 6th, 2021.

Like previous releases, NEXT Tuna is 100% plant-based, low fat, zero cholesterol, but high in protein.

The canned NEXT Tuna can be used as is without heating up or any prep, and is recommended to be used as a salad topping, sandwich filling, or even hand-rolled sushi or pasta as plant-based seafood alternative.

Additionally, it can be stored for up to 2 years, making it perfect for emergency food or camping.

There is only a small quantity available for now due to limited initial production rate. (The next batch is planned to be released in December) So, make sure to place your orders early on!

Product details:

NEXT Tuna 1.0

Release date: October 6th

Price: 390 yen *Available only in packs of 5 from the official website.

Package quantity: 90g x 5 cans

Purchase at: https://shop.nextmeats.jp/

By - Mugi.