Tomitaya, a long established maker of traditional Japanese confectionery (wagashi) with a nearly 100 year history seems to be challenging the norm of traditional sweets. Their latest addition to the wagashi world is a special mochi that not only tickles your sweet tooth, but comes packed with 16.5g of protein!

“Wa no Protein” is a protein packed snack, and developed for those on a diet or on a hard training plan, or with less appetite but in the form of warabi mochi, sweet bracken starch jelly usually coated with kinako, sweet roasted soybean flour.

Even during its pre ordering stage, the item came in 1st place in the “Rakuten Market Warabi mochi section, Real Time Ranking”.

Compared to a standard ohagi mochi from Tomitaya, Wa no Protein contains 28% less calories, 30% more protein, and 60% less carbohydrates. You can definitely say that it is a new, successfully evolved to a healthy snack unlike your usual high calorie wagashi. Because of its high quality nutrient content, it is perfect for those who require more protein in their diet.

It contains warabi powder in the ingredients which creates the mochi-like, enjoyable gooey texture like an authentic warabi mochi. The protein portion is plant-based and made with soy, which makes it also vegan friendly. The mild sweetness is also satisfying to those on a diet, or trying to avoid sweets but want some without any guilt.

Wa no Protein can be ordered in 1200g boxes (100g x 12 pieces) for 3,500 yen from Tomitaya's Rakuten page.

By - Mugi.