7-Eleven in Japan can often surprise customers with a middling view of convenience store eats with its quality of food, offering a variety of sandwiches and even curry that recently impressed visiting Olympic media.

Pudding is a go-to dessert of convenience store sweets, and while 7-Eleven has a variety of flavors, we decided to compare their two main long-selling options.

7-Eleven Sweets: Flame-torched pudding

Our first thought with this was that if it was inexpensive for a pack of 4, the quality must be mediocre...

Well, we were pleasantly surprised to find out we were wrong! The taste had a solid foundation with added flavor from the flame-torch finish, and the texture was still nice and soft like a pudding should be. You can taste the rich flavor of the eggs, too (Japanese pudding, which is made from whole egg yolks, is often compared to Flan or creme caramel). It went down quite easily to say the least.

By the way, each pudding isn’t that big (a four pack of 70g cups) making it the perfect size for a small after-meal dessert.

Also, the top caramel layer barely had any bitterness to it, which made it more of a familiar flavor for many of our sampling staff.

On Japanese social media, many have also expressed praise for the affordable but satisfying treat with comments like “It’s inexpensive and delicious!” and “I can easily go for all 4 of them alone.”

The7-Eleven Sweets: Flame-torched roasted pudding is 224 yen, and each pudding cup contains 100 calories.

7-Eleven Sweets: Seven Premium Kimi dake no Pudding

As its name states “Kimi (egg yolk) dake (only) no pudding”, is made using only a generous amount of the yolk portion of eggs in this pudding. It’s also a Japanese pun as the name literally translates to “pudding just for you.”

In comparison to the previous “Flame-Torched pudding”, the texture and flavor was quite different.

This pudding is so soft it just melts. Even when scooping with a spoon, it starts to fall off right away.

The rich and condensed egg yolk flavor tasted almost like custard, and lingered in our mouths for a while.

There was also a big difference in the flavor of the caramel with a slight bitterness and creaminess to it.

The flavor profile matched what some pudding fans have said about it on social media, with comments like “It’s surprisingly rich in flavor” and “It has like, a real eggy flavor.”

7-Eleven Sweets: Seven Premium Kimi dake no Pudding is priced at 159 yen and one package contains 139 calories.

Whether you want to eat lots of pudding, or try a rich and quality pudding, 7-Eleven Japan has quite a few choices for sweets fans.

By - Mugi.