In many parts of the world temperatures have taken a dive, and as we approach November, it’s only going to get colder. While summer lovers will be disappointed by this turn of events, many other people relish the chance to stay cozy at home, and it’s those people who will find this viral pet photo extremely relatable.

During colder weather, getting a hot bath then sitting somewhere comfortable while all bundled up in dressing gowns and blankets is a tried and tested method of staying cozy. Cats are famous for disliking baths, but this cat went viral for looking like a true convert to a soak and a comfortable night in.

This Scottish Fold kitten is called Gura-chan, and she is just three months old. The photo was taken after she experienced her first bath.

She looks so cozy in her fluffy towel!

Her surprised and content expression struck a chord with Japanese Twitter users, as there’s plenty of people who also relax in a hot bath in the evenings. The photo gained over 20 thousand retweets and 127 thousand likes.

If you want to see more of Gura-chan’s journey, along with the antics of her sibling Guri-kun, check out the owner’s Twitter!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.