Normally, if you saw a group of policemen following in a direct line behind a civilian on their bikes, you might get the idea that they were trailing a suspect or a bust was about to happen.

When Japanese manga artist Senta Nakazawa (@senta_naka) went out for a bike ride on a recent morning and was greeted with that very sight, however, he was actually put quite at ease and drew the scene in an illustration that has delighted over 130,000 on Twitter.

Nakazawa posted his charming illustration of the scene with the caption "a scene I passed by on my bike this morning."

Source: @senta_naka

The Japanese caption above the arrow pointing to the police reads "policeman traffic jam", while the caption above the lead civilian cyclist reads "regular old man (slowly)". So as it turns out, the line of policemen were patiently riding behind the older gentleman cycling at his own pace, with both a bit of understanding and perhaps some deference towards an elder.

Nakazawa's artistic rendition of the peaceful scene charmed many on Twitter, who left comments such as:

"The world is at peace. How pleasant!"

"Maybe the older man is actually the police commissioner..."

"The elderly can be prone to wobbling while riding a bicycle, so they might not be passing him to avoid an accident."

Of course, if the the police had been in a hurry, they likely would have found a way to pass the old man, but it's certainly nice to see they saw no rush to not be kind and matched their speed to his.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.