Back in July, when people in Tokyo looked up at the top of the Cross Shinjuku Building just outside Shinjuku Station's East Exit, they were greeted by the sight of a giant 3-D digital cat prowling around like an invading feline kaiju. The enormous kitty, which is displayed using a state-of-the-art sound system, 4K image quality and 3-D imagery created using curved LED screens, is meant to show off the power of the new the 154.7 square meter digital rooftop ad space Cross Shinjuku Vision.

The giant cat now appears at 15 minute intervals throughout the day, looking down on commuters and meowing at them, and even springs awake in the morning and curls up in a cute little ball when it goes to sleep at night.

Like many passing through Shinjuku, Japanese Twitter user Asarafumi @azara_s_eal made a point to admire the new gigantic feline mascot, but was greeted by quite the surprise that may have taken some of the wonder out of the moment.

Source: @azara_s_eal

"Th-the Shinjuku cat!?!?!?"

Asarafumi was greeted by a large digital projection of a computer error screen (one that appears to read "there was a problem displaying this web page"), meaning that not only had a glitch removed the giant kitty, but also been replaced by an error page for all of Shinjuku to see!

While a bit of an embarrassing mishap for those in charge, many were delighted on Twitter, finding it equally as cute as the actual cat, and saying "We've seen the true form of the Shinjuku Cat..."

There's no need for concern, however, as Asarafumi checked in on the Shinjuku Cat about 40 minutes later, and it was back up and purring as usual.

As for the operators of the cat, they've taken the error in stride, sharing a cute illustration spoofing the situation!

By - Big Neko.