While pets and their owners share a bond that goes beyond language, sometimes we wish we could get a more direct translation of what they’re thinking and saying. Many inventions have been dreamed up to this end, but there’s even an app that claims to translate just what your cat is trying to tell you.

One Japanese cat owner was left unable to look at their pet the same after a particularly creepy translation came back. The kitty responsible for these unnerving utterances is a cat called Tsukune.

The translation reads ‘I’ve gotten pretty used to this body as well!’

It sounds like someone has possessed Tsukune’s body?? Or perhaps someone was reborn as Tsukune and remembers their previous life??

The spooky Tweet caught plenty of attention, gaining over 45 thousand retweets and 219 thousand likes. Commenters replied with questions such as ‘this is too scary, who’s inside?’

But the mystery was solved soon enough, as the whole thing was actually just a prank by the owner, who edited the speech bubble. They had us going there, but it’s a pretty good prank for the Halloween season!

Now that we know Tsukune is (probably) just Tsukune, check out the owner’s Twitter for a ton of cute cat pics to shake off the goosebumps!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.