Last year, Japanese liquor manufacturer Meirishurui Co., Ltd. flexed their creative booze muscles by introducing a liqueur that somehow deliciously recreates the flavor of yaki imo, Japanese roasted sweet potatoes. As this year's follow up, Meirishurui is aiming for even bigger fish with a new liqueur that Japanese fish-shaped pastries: taiyaki!

If you're unfamiliar with taiyaki, they're Japanese fish-shaped (sea bream, to be exact,) cakes that come with a variety of fillings such as custard or chocolate, but the classic stuffing in taiyaki is anko red bean paste.

While you might wonder why this is said to be a taiyaki-flavored liqueur and not simply a red bean paste flavored one, the answer is that after conducting forty experimental trials, Meirishurui says that they have developed an alcoholic beverage that successfully harmonizes the flavor and feeling of biting into a mixture of not only high quality red bean paste, but a tasty taiyaki cake.

According to Meirishurui, this is because the new liqueur uses azuki red beans produced in Tokachi, Hokkaido, one of Japan's top red bean production area, and that the result is an unprecedented base for cocktails that has the the aroma of freshly baked taiyaki crust that leaves the flavor of high-quality red bean paste lingering in your mouth.

The new liqueur is called You Taiyaki (酔うたい焼き), which translates to "drunken Taiyaki" or in this case, perhaps "taiyaki that gets you drunk"! While you can enjoy it straight or on the rocks, Meirishurui recommends mixing it with milk or hot milk (2:1 ratio) as a dessert drink, or even to pour it over ice cream.

You Taiyaki will go on sale at supermarkets and liquor shops throughout Japan beginning October 29th, as well as via Meirishurui's online shop.

By - Big Neko.