What do you have for your breakfast when you’re camping? Sandwiches, French toast, pancakes, eggs sunny side up? Perhaps you already know tons of nice camping recipes. How about easy-to-make Japanese recipes?

Online retailer ドットミソ Dott Miso has started selling very handy kits for campsite cooking called ドットミソキャンプ気分(味噌玉4個セット) dotto miso kyanpu kibun miso dama yonko setto (Dott Miso 'camp feeling' set of 4 miso balls)!

What is miso and miso-dama?

Miso (味噌) is one of the traditional and essential seasonings for Japanese cuisine. It is made from fermented soybeans, salt, and Aspergillus oryzae (also known as kōji mold 麹). Some variations of miso may also involve rice or barley.

Miso-dama (味噌玉) means miso balls. According to the official website, miso balls were born in the Sengoku era 戦国時代 (the Warring States period: 1467 to 1615). Warriors brought miso balls as their field rations.

Dotto miso kyanpu kibun miso dama, today’s modern miso balls, are small ball-shaped miso portions that already contain dashi broth and other ingredients for easy cooking. Some examples can be seen below.

Four miso balls are included in a package. Miso is usually sold in a relatively big plastic box and it’s difficult to bring for camping. That’s one of the reasons why this product is innovative.

Each miso ball is made at a different miso manufacturer in a different prefecture: Aichi prefecture, Shimane prefecture, Kumamoto prefecture, and Miyagi prefecture. Taste the differences!

How to use miso-dama?

As you can see in the video, making delicious miso soup is very easy when you use the miso-dama!

  • 1: Prepare boiling water and let the miso warm up to room temperature.
  • 2: Put one miso-dama into your soup bowl.
  • 3: Pour the boiling water and wait for between 30 seconds to 1 minute.
  • 4: Stir lightly.

You don’t need to measure the amount of miso, prepare dashi broth, nor cut ingredients!

Advanced recipe with the miso-dama

1. 和風味噌ハンバーグ wafū miso hanbāgu (Japanese style miso Hamburg steak)

Just put one miso-dama when you knead meat, onions and dried bread crumbs together. Miso and meat go amazingly well together!

2. 豚バラの味噌肉じゃが Butabara no miso nikujaga (Miso nikujaga with pork belly)

肉じゃが nikujaga is a stew made from meat, potatoes, carrots, and onions in soy sauce and mirin (みりん or 味醂 in Japanese) sweet cooking rice wine. Usually, miso isn’t used, but staff from Dott Miso wrote that “It will completely overturn the common thinking that nikujaga must be cooked with only soy sauce.”

3. 和風味噌バターパスタ wafū miso batā pasta (Japanese style miso butter pasta)

This combination of miso and pasta might surprise you. However, their official Instagram account says that “this is really easy and tasty, so we want all human beings to make this!!”

Reviews from consumers

Many users are satisfied with the miso-dama experience. Here are some of their comments:

  • “We enjoyed not only making miso soup, but choosing from the different types of miso balls.”
  • “It was so fun to see to see many ingredients appearing from inside after pouring hot water!”
  • “I can’t help taking pictures (because they are cute).”

You’ll find more positive reviews on Instagram with the hashtag #ドットミソ!

Once you try it, you'll surely want to add one of your own!

About Dott Miso

ドットミソ Dott Miso was founded in November 2020. Their major business is retailing miso and miso products, distributing information related to food, and providing marketing support. They have three slogans: safe and trustworthy (安心・信頼), truly delicious (しっかり美味しい), and happy body and mind (心と身体を元気に).

Product information

  • Product name:ドットミソ キャンプ気分(味噌玉4個セット)/Dotto miso kyanpu kibun (misodama yonko setto)
  • Price: 880yen (tax included)
  • Best by: four weeks under 10℃ in a refrigerator
  • This product uses the following ingredients, which may produce an allergic reaction: soy beans and small shrimp.
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