Hamsters might be some of the most expressive little fur balls, particularly when they're presented with their favorite food or caught hoarding a bit too much in their mouths, but the Richardson's ground squirrel might give them a run for their money.

The prairie dog-like critters are quite expressive in their own right, but Japanese Twitter user SMeeegr's Richardson's ground squirrel named Metan might have set a new standard for the ground squirrel kingdom.

Metan appears to be a bit of an attention-seeker, because when @SMeeegr pointed his camera at Metan, the ground squirrel not only performed a magnificent backflip, but gave themselves a round of applause!

After landing the surprise backflip, Metan appears absolutely thrilled with the maneuver, charming many on Twitter with how pleased Metan is with themselves. @SMeeegr says he was happy he kept the camera rolling, not expecting the adorable demonstration of self-satisfaction.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.