Japanese brand Felissimo are known for their outlandish goods that you don’t know you need until you see them. This includes eccentric creations like a fried shrimp umbrella and omelette rice pouches.

They have also created a clothing and accessory lineup specifically for witches. For their ‘Magic Club’ brand they take inspiration from anime and books about magic, in order to whip up goods that no self respecting witch could do without.

Their latest collection has a very specific theme, which is ‘the tears of magical girls are hope’. The idea behind it is that in stories about magical girls, the shedding of tears is usually a sign that they are about to grow and advance. This series includes three new items and was created in collaboration with an illustrator called fouatons.

The first item is a blouse which is embroidered with a lily of the valley design and has an oversized collar and tear-shaped charms. In flower language, lily of the valley means that happiness will return, so it’s perfect for the collection’s theme.

The second piece is a black, fishtail skirt and the sparkling charms attached in a downward trajectory from the waist represent falling tears. The underskirt is also glittery to fit the theme.

Lastly there is a bracelet to complete the look. The main charm is in the shape of an eye which is sparkling wet with tears. It also has iridescent beads.

The whole spellbinding collection can be sought out in the Magic Club section of Felissimo's online store, along with their previous creations.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.