One of Japan's biggest Halloween celebrations takes place in Shibuya, where giant crowds of costumed party-goers assemble for an evening of frightful fun.

One other costume party held on Halloween in Japan is a bit different. It's called "Jimi Halloween" (Mundane or Plain Halloween), and was started by entertainment media group Daily Portal Z. The point of the party, which sees office workers dress up in the most understated and humorously mundane costumes possible, was to let people dress up for Halloween without having to deal with the embarrassment of wearing an extravagant costume on their morning commute.

The idea has become a yearly hit since it started back in 2014, and is now celebrated throughout Japan, with many taking to Twitter to show off how plain and niche their costumes can be. Here are a few standout costumes from this year!

Source: @ABK40

The neighbor of a suspect in a suspense drama that says “I haven’t seen my neighbor in three days.”

A person who booked the conference room from 3:00, but there's someone still in it so now they're rechecking to make sure they actually correctly booked it.

Someone who forgot they were wearing a mask and took a sip of coffee.

A person who tries to pull off their mask but pulls their glasses off with it.

Someone who mistook a plastic bag for a cat.

Person who showed up for a free trial workout lesson.

Somebody who probably has a tattoo.

Somebody who leans in as they go around a curb in Mario Kart.

Someone who was decluttering but wound up playing on their phone.

A cashier who looks away as you enter your PIN number.

Someone who brought their own eco-bag to the market but they couldn't fit what they bought in it.

Someone who found a cockroach while trying to go to bed.

An old-fashioned video at karaoke that doesn't match the lyrics of the song.

Someone sitting in the front row at a magic show that got asked to help out with a trick.

Someone who messed up opening up their pack of eggs.

By - Big Neko.