With the colder weather already starting to take hold, the majority of us are beginning to look forward to cozying up under the kotatsu with a hot drink in hand, but for others, the change in season came at such a frightening pace this year that the drop in temperature is not so welcome.
For those feeling cheated out of the end of summer, consider heading up to Ibaraki’s Komorebi no Mori Ibaraido this November and witness the very last of Japan’s sunflowers in full bloom.

A symbol of summer, it’s almost impossible to ignore the fuzzy bright feeling that occurs when surrounded by thousands of sunflowers. Though normally at their peak in the middle of summer, there are several types of sunflowers that come into full bloom later in the season, and, if the seeds are sown correctly under the right conditions, it is even possible to extend the floral reign of these mighty flowers into the cooler months.

At Komorebi no Mori Ibaraido, there are 15,000 sunflowers standing proud in the autumn sun despite it being the start of November. These sunflowers were planted in early September with the aim being that people can still enjoy their bright colours well into autumn. The first buds started to open on October 18th, and the peak timing to see the field in full bloom is expected to last until the middle of November.
Though somewhat shorter than their summertime counterparts, this variety of sunflowers are just as vivid, and are a great way to say goodbye to the warmer seasons.

As we approach the middle of November, Komorebi no Mori Ibaraido will start to hold a sunflower picking event on a first-come-first-served basis. During the event, you will be able to enter the sunflower field directly and pick your favourite blooms to take home with you.
*Further details regarding the sunflower picking event will be uploaded to the official website closer to the time.
*The event schedule could change or be cancelled depending on the flower growth conditions.

Komorebi no Mori Ibaraido is an experience-based agricultural ranch that can be enjoyed by the whole family in Ibaraki’s Inashiki city. Visitors can interact with the resident animals (which includes sheep, guinea pigs and goats), try out a range of workshops such as bread baking and candle making, and learn about agriculture and the world that encompasses it through hands-on experience.

Komorebi no Mori Ibaraido

Location: 2060-1 Kamikimiyama, Inashiki City, Ibaraki Prefecture
Business hours: 10:00 – 17:00 (until 16:30 in December) *closed on Tuesdays and Wednesdays

Junior High School age and above: 1,000 yen
4 years old to Elementary aged children: 600 yen
Under 4 years old: free
Dogs (must be kept on a leash): 500 yen
Car parking fee: 500 yen

By - Connie Sceaphierde.