One of Tokyo's newest landmarks (or perhaps mascots is the better word) made its grand debut on top of the Cross Shinjuku Building located just outside Shinjuku Station's East Exit. While the new attraction is technically the 154.7 square meter digital rooftop ad space "Cross Shinjuku Vision", most people seem to be fascinated by the giant prowling 3-D calico cat that recently took up residence there, and now routinely appears throughout the day to greet the commuters it towers over with meows and feline antics.

The cat wakes up in surprise to people scurrying about each morning, and curls up into a ball each night before calling it a day.

It appears the enormous feline now has some more tricks up its sleeves, as the ad space will be playing a collaborative video advertising robotic vacuum cleaner Roomba as an effective way to deal with cleaning up shed cat hair.

Of course, cats and Roombas have a naturally playful relationship, and that holds true even for the Shinjuku cat, resulting in the adorable scene of a giant kitty playing around with a Roomba above Tokyo.

The video is the first in a series titled 「#ネコにルンバを」 (Neko ni Roomba wo, or "Roomba for cats"), which will be broadcast at Cross Shinjuku Vision from November 2nd to December 31st. Those unable to catch a glimpse of the cat and Roomba antics in person can follow a view of the cat from Cross Shinjuku Vision's daily YouTube livestream.

By - Big Neko.