Japanese instant noodle maker Ogasawara Seifun's Kirimaru Ramen was originally released in 1965, but briefly discontinued in 1998. It was brought back quickly due to popular demand, however, and enjoys a status as an instant ramen soul food for locals in Aichi prefecture.

It also may now have crossed over into a favorite for feline fans, as Kirimaru Ramen will be releasing two special instant noodles in cute packages, with ingredients they say make them instant ramen and udon perfect for cat lovers.

This is actually Kirimaru Ramen's second venture in a series of instant noodles called "Kirimaru Ramen for Cat Lovers", and includes both udon and ramen noodles. The new noodles include Foo-foo Nya Udon and Ogyou-nya Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen. Both packages include a manekineko (beckoning cat), cat-shaped figurines believed to invite good fortune to homes and businesses, on their label.

Foo-foo Nya Udon ("Foo foo" is the sound of blowing on noodles, and Nya Udon translates to "Meow Udon")

Foo-foo Nya Udon uses a gentle and mild broth made from katsuobushi (bonito) dashi, with katsuobushi being a favorite of cats in Japan, with no chemical seasoning or additives that was made to go well with any toppings. The manekineko on the package is raising its right hand, which is a symbol for summoning good financial fortune.

Ogyou-nya Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen (Fishy "meow" Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen)

Ogyou-nya Japanese Tonkotsu Ramen uses a rich tonkotsu (pork bone) broth with an added punch of feline seafood favorites (katsuobushi, dried sardines, and mackerel). The manekineko raising its left hand symbolizes a wish for good personal relationships.

The noodles will go on sale in Japan beginning November 22nd, with a portion of proceeds going to help animal protection efforts in Japan.

By - Big Neko.