Aria (@aririria_art) is a an incredibly talented self-taught 25-year-old color pencil artist from Japan. She's built up quite a lot of praise online for her 3-D illustrations and trick art that pop up right off the canvas. While the illusion itself is impressive, the lifelike detail she puts into her artwork is so incredible it makes you want to pick up a bottle of Coke right off a sheet of paper.

One of her latest trick illustrations may have set a new standard for Aria, however, as even with the answer provided, has mystified quite a lot of people on Twitter. The artist recently shared a jaw-dropping illustration of a 100 yen coin and placed an actual 100 coin piece right next to it. Can you tell which is the real coin?

Source: @aririria_art

If you can't figure it out, like many others you may need Aria's own explanation provided in the Tweet: the actual 100 yen coin is on the left, while her color pencil illustration is on the right. The side by side comparison has wowed more than 125,000 on Twitter (at the time of writing) with many still puzzled even after told the answer. The worn and torn rusted quality Aria added to her coin makes it look just like one you'd find on the street.

Seeing the responses, Aria decided to try drawing another coin from scratch.

And once again impressed--take a look at the scratches on the coin.

Source: @aririria_art

And once again, compared with a real 100 yen coin (left), the finished product (right) is pretty much indistinguishable!

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By - Big Neko.