Anyone who lives with cats knows that their expressive nature can lead to an adorable but sometimes absurd habit of "transforming", such as when they are presented with a small container to liquidize in or realize they are about to be taken to the vet.

For Japanese Twitter user @ymnc_rf, their cat Yamaneco seems to have provided an ample amount of transformations throughout 2021--so much that many on Twitter can't believe pictures they've shared are the same cat.

@ymnc_rf recently shared their "best 3 photos" of Yamaneco taken in 2021, and the difference between all three has many in disbelief. Take a look at the many faces of Yamaneco:

When food is on the table

Source: @ymnc_rf

When he really wants a bag

Source: @ymnc_rf

When he's not in the brightest mood

Source: @ymnc_rf

Obviously, age and growth play a hand, but Yamaneco clearly has some distinct facial expressions and can seemingly morph into a pretty different feline based on mood. 2022 should only add to his expressive repertoire.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.