Japanese Twitter user Kamoshika かもしか (@b09a2032c) lives with their Siberian Husky, Yuki, and several cats.

Kamoshika posts daily pictures of Yuki and the cats relaxing together or sharing food, and many people enjoy them.

The kitten, who is only a few months old, seems to be especially fond of Yuki-chan, and often messes around with her.

Look at Yuki-chan, the ideal patient mother, who doesn't get angry no matter what the playful kitten does to her!

"He's really digging into that ear..."

The kitten kept digging at Yuki-chan's ears but she just let him go at it, not bothered one bit...

Many people enjoyed the contrast between the frisky kitten and the gentle Yuki-chan, who didn't fight back or get upset but quietly accepted it. Some of the comments the video elicited were:

  • "The last part is like 'Oh, are you done?' It's so cute!"
  • "It's amazing that she stays still without getting angry!"
  • "Maybe she has an itch and she's actually enjoying it."

Although they are different species and very different in size, their trusting relationship makes them seem as if they could be mother and child.

We're sure the two of them will continue to bring comfort to many people in the future!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.