Japan is home to not just one, but two cafes dedicated to beloved video game protagonist Kirby. While fans used to have to wait for pop-up cafes and events to appear, there’s now two permanent branches and the menus are updated every season with awesome character-inspired dishes.

With Halloween safely out of the way, we’re heading straight into the icy winter, and the cafe’s menu has been revamped to reflect the season. There’s mains, desserts, and drinks on offer, all with a super cute winter theme.

With frosty days on the way, the cafe’s famous Kirby Burger is wrapping up warm with a scarf (2948 yen with a souvenir plate included). The pasta on the side has been sprinkled with cheese to give the impression of light snowfall.

The Waddle Dee Burger, which only debuted recently, is battling the cold weather with a hat (2948 yen with a souvenir plate).

The pie stew looks like the perfect, piping hot winter dish to warm up with (2948 yen with souvenir mug). Even the Kirby face on the pie crust looks cozy and warm.

Another favourite on the menu is the ‘Kirby inhaling’ range which always features a figure of the character getting ready to suck all the delicious food up. This time it’s a sushi inspired dish which has mozzarella cheese instead of rice and various sushi look-a-like toppings (1188 yen).

The winter inspiration is taken up a notch for the super cute desserts. ‘Kirby’s Winter Fun Time’ even portrays a whole snowy scene with various sweet treats (2398 yen with the cafe’s original feve).

The snowy theme continues with Waddle Dee’s fluffy White Tiramisu (2178 yen with souvenir spoon).

The drink menu is also getting a seasonal addition in the form of a warming apple cinnamon drink dreamed up in the Whispy Woods.

These winter dishes will be arriving at both the Tokyo and Fukuoka branches of the Kirby Cafe, from 18th November 2021 and melting away on 29th February 2022. Check out the cafe’s website for more information or to make a reservation.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.