‘Wagashi’ is a term that refers to all different types of traditional Japanese sweets. These treats are known not just for their flavour, but also their beautiful presentation.

Apart from the more traditional stylings, sweet lovers can also get wagashi inspired by various characters from popular culture. One of the most prolific sweets manufacturers in on this gig is ‘Tabemasu’, a company that recreates all kinds of famous characters in nerikiri. Nerikiri is a type of wagashi which can be easily coloured and moulded, lending itself perfectly to the creation of super detailed characters.

For this new release, Tabemasu have collaborated with San-X, the company behind adorable characters like Rilakkuma, on a lineup of Sumikko Gurashi sweets.

The sweets come in sets of two, with one consisting of Shirokuma and Furoshiki.

The other offering is Penguin? and Tapioca.

This is the first time Furoshiki and Tapioca have been rendered in sweet form by ‘Tabemasu’. Each character-shaped sweet has a different flavoured filling. Shirokuma is maple flavour and Furoshiki is strawberry milk, while Penguin? has a matcha flavour filling and Tapioca is custard.

Each duo costs 398 yen and will be appearing in Family Mart convenience stores (in the chilled dessert section) from 9th November 2021 onwards.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.