Japanese paper cutout artist SouMa (@SouMaNoKirie) posted four photos on her Twitter account, eliciting many reactions of surprise and disbelief.

The pictures look like glasses and plastic bottles. The glasses, in particular, show the beauty of the delicate patterns even more clearly due to the reflection of the light.

However, as you can probably guess, the photos were not of real glasses or plastic bottles. Rather, they were of the artist's paper cutouts!

No matter how hard you stare at them, they look like the real thing!

"They're all paper cutouts..."

Reproduced with permission from SouMa (@SouMaNoKirie)

SouMa's works are made by cutting thin washi traditional Japanese paper with a utility knife.

When you think that the luster of the glass, the delicate patterns, and the realistic texture of ice and water are all expressed using only paper, you get a sense for SouMa's amazing powers of concentration and skill.

Even if you know it's a paper cutout, it's hard to believe.

Many people praised her works, leaving comments such as:

  • " 'If it's not a photograph, then it must be a painting,' I thought. A paper cutout? That's even more amazing!"
  • "I can't understand how she does this..."
  • "There are truly amazing geniuses in this world."

SouMa's works surpass most people's expectations of what paper cutouts look like. Many people were blown away by her work.

You can follow her on Twitter or visit her website to see more amazing paper cutouts.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.