Japanese comedian Naomi Watanabe is famous not just for her wit, but also her awesome fashion sense. Thanks to this, she has launched her own clothing brand called Punyus which is notable in Japan for its inclusion of bigger size options.

She’s never afraid to experiment with out-there looks, and this latest drop from Punyus encompasses her daring spirit perfectly. The lineup has been created in collaboration with family restaurant Saizeriya which serves Italian-style cuisine.

The restaurant’s red, white and green logo is a clear inspiration in many of the designs. Any Japanese family restaurant fan will instantly get the reference.

Some of the items feature the restaurant’s classic dishes in a cute cartoon-style illustration, such as ‘karami chicken’ and ‘Milano fu doria’. Prices of the dishes as they appear on the real Saizeriya menu are also used as motifs.

Saizeriya is known for being very reasonably priced and offering up a fun take on Italian food (as opposed to authentic cuisine), which is why Naomi’s high class photoshoot with the other models is especially comical.

According to the press release, Naomi is the one who came up with the idea for the collaboration due to her love for the restaurant, and they enthusiastically agreed when she came to them with a request to create a Saizeriya clothing line.

The collection launched this month and can be found of Punyus’ online store.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.