We'd like to introduce a Japanese cooking channel that may be the cutest thing on YouTube. In fact, the videos are so cute that you can't even focus on the food!

Pun-chan is a Shiba Inu who had been eating poorly since she was a puppy since she has a weak stomach.

After a lot of trial and error, her owner decided to make homemade food.

After her owner added homemade food to her diet several times a week, Pun-chan started to eat store-bought dog food with gusto.

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Her owner makes sure to take care of Pun-chan by brushing her teeth after every meal.

The owner says that she doesn't feed her furbabies just because they want human food.

She says that the most important thing she pays attention to is to make sure that she enjoys cooking.

Does Pun-chan also enjoy cooking?

Pun-chan is very sensitive to noises, so whenever she hears a noise in the kitchen, she comes in as if to ask, "What are you doing? What are you making?" But then she gets bored, goes away, and comes back to watch again.

With such an adorable "culinary director" right in front of you, would you be able to cook properly?

Viewers may be more interested in Pun-chan than in the food.

And when her assistant Meru (Karameru) came along, it was even harder to concentrate!

Although Karameru is still a puppy and can't reach the table, he will continue to watch over the cooking just like his master, Pun-chan.

Seeing how Pun-chan, who used to be such a picky eater, looks at the food so intently, her owner's cooking must be quite tasty!

The YouTube channel "Doyagao Restaurant" is a great place to enjoy the sounds of cooking and the expressions of cute dogs.

What kind of food will the pair be supervising in the future? To find out, subscribe to Doyagao Restaurant!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.