Last year, Japanese automobile company Nissan made cat fans purr with delight when they brought out a short television commercial featuring a kitty in the driver's seat. The CM was designed as a campaign to advertise the new model of ‘Nissan DAYZ’; by playfully adapting the name using the Japanese word for ‘meow’ – nya – the short video featured a cat confidently driving around in the cat car ‘Nyassan DAYZ’.

The commercial was a bit of a success and quickly became a hot topic on the internet, with both cat and car fans commenting on the adorable short video, it’s feline actor and the innovative idea of having a car designed specifically for cats.

Whether or not felines actually care for a car of their own, NISSAN is back with an addition to the Nyassan DAYZ television commercial series.

This time, the CM seems to hint at a parallel world that exists between humans and cats, and features two feline friends perfectly reflecting the behaviour of their human counterparts as they take a ride around the house in their Nyassan DAYZ.

Mirroring the actions of their human equivalents, the cats are seen using the inner car features, steering the wheel, using the accelerator and overall enjoying their cruise around the house.

Whilst the CM is certain to draw in approval from both cat and car fans, it’s possible that it may also be a topic of intrigue to anime fans, as the parallels between the cat and human world has a somewhat vibe similar to that found in the anime movie A Whisker Away. Whether or not this was the original intention of the video, the similarities certainly give food for thought.

And, for those who just can't quite get enough of the cat and car action, Nissan has also released an additional commercial which conveys the 18 different colour variations of the new Nissan DAYZ, though once again it is reproduced featuring our favourite feline actors.

The car company has recognised the popularity of the commercial series and for a limited time period is offering the chance for three lucky people to win a ‘Nyassan DAYZ type cat carry bag’. Applications for the prize draw are open until the 30th of November, and can be accessed via a Nyassan DAYZ webpage.

Though Nyassan DAYZ is not currently available as a real life cat car, if popularity soars, it is entirely possible that we may one day see our feline friends whizzing past us in their very own automobiles, but for now, we will have to entertain that idea with Nissan’s series of Nyassan DAYZ television commercials.

By - Connie Sceaphierde.