Japanese Twitter user Kamoka (@b09a2032c) lives happily in Osaka with his Siberian Husky named Yuki, along with a few feline friends, as seen here:

The Twitter user frequently updates his followers with adorable moments featuring his many furry friends.

One recent post shows his kitten playing with Yuki’s ear while she’s trying to take a nap.

Yuki looks to be very fond of her kitten companion. She doesn’t get annoyed, even when her ear is being chewed.

Another recent Twitter post features the adorable duo and has gotten a lot of attention!

Yuki wears a cat scarf!

Reproduced with permission from かもしか (@b09a2032c)


The kitten is lying atop Yuki, wrapped around her neck like a scarf!

If Yuki wasn’t so fond of the kitten, there’s no way she’d look this comfortable.

User Reactions

This photo quickly went viral on Twitter, with over 145K likes!

Many users were surprised by the photo.

"I thought there was a snake wrapped around Yuki! But it was a kitten."

"They’re so close together I didn’t realize what it was! Such good friends."

"It’s like the kitten is melting on top of Yuki! What a heartwarming scene."

Yuki may not be related, and they’re different species, but they couldn’t be closer.

For more adorable scenes like this, be sure to check out the contributor’s Twitter and YouTube!

By - Mujo.