Japanese sweets store and maker maker Okashiya has gained popularity via social media and through word of mouth among sweets fans in the blink of an eye for its Truffle Butter Sandwich, which people refer to affectionately as “magical sweets” or “miraculous butter sandwich”, ever since their grand-opening in August this year.

Now for a limited time (November 26th-November 28th), Okashiya will be opening a popup store in the fancy Omotesando Hills. Alongside their popular Truffle Butter Sandwich, they are adding another new item that is described as a “special butter sandwich available only once a year”, that fitting the area’s reputation, clocks in at a hefty price just below 13,000 yen!

As a followup to their Truffle Butter Sandwich, as a once-a-year treat, the popup store will sell a new White Truffle Butter Sandwich in limited quantity. Rare white truffles from Alba, Piedmont province, Italy are the only truffles used in this luxury sweets sandwich that costs a grand total of 12,960 yen. Once the truffles are harvested, they are immediately packed to retain the freshness, and air-mailed straight to Okashiya. The moment they arrive is the moment the cooking process starts in their kitchen.

Instead of shaving, the truffles are cut into large chunks of pieces. Combined with the Okashiya’s signature butter, the rich aroma and texture of naturally grown white truffles are said to spread deliciously in your mouth.

Okashiya recommends eating the luxury sweet on the day of the purchase to enjoy at its best quality.

The White Truffle Butter Sandwich can be pre-ordered up until November 14th (11:59 pm) from Okashiya’s website.

OKASHIYA Truffle Butter Sand 2021 Popup Store

Omotesando Hills 1F R –Studio

4-12-10 Jingumae Shibuya Tokyo 150-0001

November 26th to 28th, 2021

Opens at 12 pm, closes at 6 pm


White Truffle Butter Sandwich (with Okashiya cooling bag, 1 piece: 12,960 yen

Truffle Butter Sandwich, 6 pieces: 3,024 yen

By - Mugi.