While most would consider not even glancing at your keyboard to be a sign of an adept typist, Japanese Twitter user Ize (@Ize628) has crafted one we think most would be completely fine staring at while they happily type away.

Ize recently shared a video showing off a custom keyboard they built using resin. The winter-inspired design is pretty enough on its own, but the way the keyboard responds to touch is a a very soothing watch!

Ize says they were inspired to craft the DIY keyboard after seeing a YouTuber show off their own. Ize used the video as a reference point to build it with hardened resin, but opted to make their own unique wintery design.

Many on Twitter were wowed by the design, saying that they would easily buy it if it were a commercial product--although understandably it might prevent some work from getting done!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.