One of the many appeals of hit video game Animal Crossing: New Horizons is how it lets a player customize the aesthetics of their island and living space to reflect their own style and personality, but it's also become quite the canvas for creative players to recreate real life places as well as the worlds of their favorite fiction. Fans have shown off a lot of amazing designs by reimagining the classic transformation sequence of Sailor Moon and recreating the nostalgia of Showa era Japan.

Japanese Animal Crossing player Teto (@Doremi_No1) has gone above and beyond when it comes to intricately recrafting a world in the game, however. The talented player recently took on the challenge of remaking Howl's room from Studio Ghibli's animated classic Howl's Moving Castle.

As you can see from this sample image, that's quite a daunting task!

But apparently Teto was up for the challenge. The player faithfully recreated the detailed world legendary director Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli created in Animal Crossing form, down to some of the very last decorations and background items. You can almost imagine Howl lying down in the very bed--take a look!

Source: @Doremi_No1

Teto's rendition of the antique-filled room is an almost mirror-like replication of the film's, and the warm and bubbly aesthetic of Animal Crossing seems to capture the charm of Studio Ghibli classic's world as well. Many on Twitter were amazed at the level of detail, which Teto shows from another angle below.

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By - Big Neko.