Japanese baking artist izuyo0719 is known for their freshly baked loaves of shokupan, fluffy Japanese milk bread. However, while we're very sure it's quite tasty, the creative baker's bread isn't simply popular for it's flavor, but the surprise characters hidden within each loaf.

izuyo0719 bakes loaves of bread and hides characters such as Studio Ghibli's Totoro or Pokémon that are revealed or transform when the loaf is sliced into:

izuyo0719's latest transforming bread is a take on the Japanese favorite, melon bread (melon pan), a type of sweet bun with a rocky shape that resembles a cantaloupe. This time, the baker decided to make a fitting anime pun with the bread's reveal.

izuyo0719's melon bread, when carved open, reveals a character from long-running Japanese children's superhero anime Anpanman. Naturally, it's the titular Anpanman's friend Melonpanna, whose head is made out of--you guessed it, melon bread!

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.