Japanese photographer Masaya (@88Masaya) takes pictures of his family with beautiful natural backgrounds. He says he has a specific place where he takes his family photos every year.

Here are four photos taken by Masaya before and after the birth of his second child

"I was able to take a miraculous shot"

Reproduced with permission from Masaya (@88Masaya)

The first three photos were taken as Masa's family was looking forward to their second child, and then the last photo shows the expanded family after the birth of their daughter.

The family's happiness can't help but make you smile.

Here are some of the comments that the photos elicited on Twitter:

  • "It's like we've been given a share of their happiness."
  • "I'm deeply moved to think that these trees have kindly watched over generations of parents and children like this."
  • "Such a perfect moment he captured!"

Photographs can capture precious moments and memorable days, and preserve them in a form that will never fade.

Masa's photography will surely continue to preserve their happy memories for many years to come.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.