When it comes to our canine companions, the Chow Chow is quite the distinctive looking breed with perhaps one of the most expressive faces. Their lion's-mane like fluff and beady but inquisitive eyes have the dog often described as a living stuffed animal.

Japanese Twitter user @kurizo_chow's faithful Chow Chow, Kurizo, recently provided a great demonstration of that quality.

@kurizo_chow shared a video of the dog frantically searching for something under a kitchen cabinet with the caption "A Chow Chow that looks like an old man searching for coins beneath a vending machine."

As animated and expressive as Kurizo looks in the first video, it's when he notices that he's being filmed that he steps it up a notch. Kurizo gets so invested in his search that he bumps into his water dish, then when he notices his human friend filming, flashes a look that seems to say "Oh, did you see that?" with a bashful glance.

Many on Twitter were moved by the embarrassed but quick to rebound with puppy dog-eyes Kurizo, who we hope found what he was looking for!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.