Japanese beef specialty restaurant Roast Beef Ohno is no stranger to large portions. The restaurant is an affiliate of the pasta chain Spaghetti no Pancho, which is known for its heavy duty meal challenges that include 4.5kg plates of noodles and meat.

The restaurant's Akihabara location is introducing a new meal challenge, however, one that combines their signature roast beef with the classic Korean rice dish bibimbap. Roast Beef Ohno Akihabara will be offering a "Mega Robinba" (Mega Roast Beef Bibimbap) that clocks in at 5.5kg and looks to promise a mountain of a meal.

The Mega Robinba tops an already hefty bibimbap dish with slices of the store's 7-hour slowly roasted beef. The 5.5kg serving costs 9,000 yen and can be challenged by up to three people for those looking to turn the odds in their favor. Those who can clear the 45-minute time limit will receive a certificate and a commemorative eco-bag (one per group).

Here's a breakdown of the Mega Robinba's ingredients.

Rice: 2.5kg

Kimchi: 500g

Bean sprout namul: 550g

Spinach namul: 550g

Carrot namul: 500g

Roast beef: 700g

Egg yolks: 150g (10 eggs)

The challenge is exclusively available from the Akihabara location of Roast Beef Ohno.

By - Big Neko.