While it's most likely an endless task to find the most expressive cat in the world, Matsutake-chan (@matsutake_cat), an adorable cat in Japan, may be a strong contender for being the feline expressive master of begging for food.

As it turns out, Matsutake-chan has another quite remarkable expression in her repertoire, and to the surprise of nobody, it's also motivated by meal time.

Matsutake-chan's owner recently approached the cat while she was sleeping with her dinner, and the Scottish Fold apparently didn't take long to be roused awake by the smell of food. Although as you can tell, it's not her usual overly-adorable response!

Source: @matsutake_cat

From the initial image, Matsutake-chan looks angry--even terrifying--enough that you might think she's upset about not being woken up earlier. As amusing as the image is, a video below shows it's actually a perfectly (or perhaps not so perfectly) timed photo of the cat yawning.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.