Although most seasoned cat lovers will tell you that their kitty of choice looks like no other, it's not always that easy to tell family members apart.

Japanese Twitter user @0rororeo recently realized that when they shared a photo of a cat they claimed always shows up in the neighborhood when they visit their grandmother.

@0rororeo shared the photo saying they had seen the cat many times and thought the neighborhood feline was in a constant state of losing and gaining weight.

Source: @0rororeo

As it turns out, however, it was actually not one, but two cats that @0rororeo had observed visiting their grandmother over the years! While one is quite bigger than the other, what we can only assume is an uncanny family resemblance would definitely lead to some cause for confusion.

Source: @0rororeo

While @0rororeo may have been a bit embarrassed, many on Twitter agreed it was an understandable mistake. Plus, they now know that their grandmother has two healthy kitty visitors!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.