Starbucks’ Japan-exclusive beverages are the envy of Frappuccino fans across the world. During the Holiday Season they go all out with not just one seasonal offering, but several creations for Starbucks lovers to enjoy.

They already revealed their first festive lineup which consisted of the ‘Chocolate Strawberry Festive Frappuccino’ and the ‘Chocolate Strawberry Festive Mocha’. This fruity duo will be disappearing off the menu on 23rd November, which can only mean one thing. The next winter beverages are on their way!

The next drop has already been unveiled by Starbucks and it’s a particularly festive option. The ‘Toasted White Chocolate’ lineup is based on the ‘Toasted White Chocolate Mocha’ that appears as a festive treat in US Starbucks.

The ‘Toasted White Chocolate Frappuccino’ has a white chocolate base blended with a toasted cookie. The topping is made of whipped cream, golden sugar, white chocolate coated marshmallows, and toasted white chocolate.

Source: Starbucks Japan

The second option is the ‘Toasted White Chocolate Mocha’ which has been revamped for the Japanese market. Espresso and white chocolate syrup are added to milk expertly steamed by the barista, and topped with whipped cream and white chocolate marshmallows. It will be available as a hot or cold drink.

Source: Starbucks Japan

The duo will be added to the Starbucks Japan menu on 24th November and will stick around until 25th December 2021.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.